ShineOn Remake Policy


If there are problems with orders, we can offer remakes under certain circumstances at our discretion.

All orders must have Package Protection to claim a remake for items marked as delivered but reported missing. 

If the order falls under the following, you may request a remake:

  • The item itself, an attachment, or the box arrived damaged or shouldn't of passed QA.
    We will only resend the damaged parts of the order.
    For example if a chain or box is damaged, we would resend the chain or box on it's own.
  • The artwork received is incorrect, or the wrong item was received.
    If a message card is wrong or damaged, we would resend the message card only. For products that may have been received with the wrong design or product, Support Services must receive a video of the product and the package that the product was received in. If we do not receive this information, your request for a remake will be denied.
  • The item has been stuck in transit for an unreasonable amount of time.
    "Unreasonable" depends on the circumstances and requires investigation. For example; some countries take longer to process packages at customs and waits of multiple weeks can be common during busy periods.


Additional Remake terms

Terms apply to remakes, they are: 

Damaged or poor QA:

  • Item must show as delivered.
  • Latest claim time is 30 days after delivery.

Tarnished products:

  • Sellers should ensure care instructions for products are clearly displayed on their store, remakes for tarnished products may be denied if no care instructions are present and clear. 

Lost or stuck in transit:

  • Orders that have had no movement 30 days (15 days if within the EU) from the date shipped, can be reviewed for a possible approval for a one time remake, by the discretion of Management.
  • Items in customs and showing as in clearance still need more time before deeming lost as customs can take a while in some countries.